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Working Capital When You Need It!

How to relieve cash flow stress.

When your cash flow turns to a trickle it’s great to have a  backstop – someone you can rely on to provide working capital to get you through an emergency or seize a growth opportunity.

That’s us. As well as giving you the comfort and confidence of knowing funds are always available, it means you can keep your own cash in reserve for unforeseen expenses .

With all our facilities, you can choose when or how you use the money – whether it’s to start a new project; to import goods and equipment; to pay suppliers  in exchange for a discount or just pay debts.

Two engineers consider how important working capital and cash flow are to their business

There is no lock in contract and the funding increases as your business grows

Now you can stop worrying about the cash flow and focus on the main game – promoting your goods or services and securing your future. 

Can you hear the music?

It’s the bells and whistles that come with all our great cash flow services.

What You Get

  • No lock in contracts
  • Competitive rates
  • Quick & flexible setup
  • Tailored products
  • Short or long term options
  • Secured or unsecured
  • Credit insurance
  • Off balance sheet funds

What it Means

Dependable cash flow

  • Funds to meet unexpected costs

  • Clout to negotiate better deals

  • The elimination of late payment risk

  • Capital for new projects

  • Cash in the bank

  • Less stress, fewer headaches

  • A stronger balance sheet

Which of these reliable working capital and cash flow solutions will best suit your business?

Invoice Finance

Our working capital and cash flow solutions enable you to pay your bills and get on with growing your business.

Single or multiple invoices. No lock in. No application fee. No property security required.

Supply Chain Finance

Our friendly and experienced staff are ready to discuss your working capital and cash flow needs

An off-balance sheet credit line to stablise your cash flow and strengthen your supply chain. 

Trade Finance

Trade Finance gives you the working capital and cash flow you require to pay suppliers and make sure the goods are delivered quickly and on time.

You buy, we pay.  Here or overseas.  Includes deposits and pre shipment costs.

Import Finance

Import finance makes buying goods from overseas suppliers much easier

China based lender.  Finance designed for importers sourcing goods in Asia.

Managing Risk - We've Got Your Back

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