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Turn your sales invoices into cash

Invoice Finance

Need funds right now? Call us.  Unlike banks, our processes are quick, flexible and low doc. If you have customers with long payment terms , you can sell their invoices to us. We will give you cash immediately.

Typically, new clients receive cash within 24 hours of submitting documents. Existing clients can be funded within hours.

Our money is returned when the customer settles the account.

Unlike traditional invoice factoring companies, you can sell us one invoice or multiple.Invoices can range from $10,000 and upwards.

There is no lock-in contract. You can use our service  as often, or as little, as you like.Single invoice finance has made a real difference to a range of businesses.  Check out their reviews on our Services page.

Need funds to kickstart a new opportunity?

There is no need to panic if you have just landed a great contract, or are tendering for one and you’re not sure how to fund it.

Business owners have been using single invoice finance to solve this exact problem for years.  Here is a good case study of just that.

You can simply turn your invoices into instant cash.  80% of the invoice value up front can be funded and the rest when your customer pays – less our fees.

It’s a bit like having C.O.D. terms with your customer and is one of the fastest finance options around.

Don’t let a lack of working capital stop you from going after the next big project or next big sales opportunity!

Invoice Finance

Relieving the stress of lumpy cash flow

Single invoice finance offers a great solution when slow paying customers, seasonal sales or unforeseen expenses start draining your account. Here are some of its great features.

  • Accelerate customer payments
  • Finance just one or multiple invoices
  • No lock in contracts
  • Funding grows as your sales grow
  • No property security required
  • Low doc application
  • OK for start ups
  • Ok for credit impaired companies

Case study: Resurfacing company - $100,000

The Challenge

Our client was offered a number of large contracts but couldn’t accept them because his prospective customers demanded 30 day payment terms.

It meant he’d struggle to meet his weekly wages bill.

When he spoke with us he had become dispirited and was considering returning to work for his old boss.

The Solution

We could see the enormous potential of his business .

 His customers were substantial companies with strong trading histories.  

We were quite comfortable funding his invoices which were in the vicinity of $100,000 and more.

We were able to provide him with 80% of the value of each invoice upfront which allowed him to pay his staff and meet overheads.

The Result

Because our facility was able to grow with his business,  our client became confident enough to tender for and win bigger contracts.

Within 12 months he had doubled his turnover and with the business humming no longer needed our support.

It was a great example of how invoice finance can help a business to grow

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