Talking Points Ep 21 – Barbecued Koalas | Swill | Distorted Reality | Gender Gaffe

Most of the pundits agree that the election campaign produced some bottom of the barrel moments. However, in its wake has come some punditry which is both insightful and entertaining.  Here are my top 5 examples.  

Barbecued Koalas

Let’s start with the revenge of the barbecued koalas.  Writing in Mother Jones, James West, says reaction to the bush fires from two years ago contributed to the government’s decline, calling the then prime minister “ a thin-skinned spin doctor”

Unrepresentative Swill

In his blog, Unrepresentative Swill, Malcolm Makerras, ranks  Scott Morrison at 16th  on a list of 30 former  prime ministers…receiving a mark of a high average. Robert Menzies tops the table.

Distorted Reality,

Wes Mountain argues  in The Conversations that the  ‘reality-distorting machinery’ of the federal election campaign delivered sub-par journalism.  It’s hard to disagree

Small Business

And, the authoritative John Durie, opines in Smart Company,  that the message for the new government  from small business is loud and clear “it’s the economy stupid.  He identifies what Labor  must do to keep faith with SMB’s

Gender Gaffe

Alan Kohler tells readers of the New Daily that this election was Julia Gillard’s victory explaining that  her treatment 10 years ago at the hands of men in both major parties was “the unexploded bomb that finally went off on Saturday” – presumably, the  inferno was fuelled by Scott Morrison’s deaf-eared treatment of some equally high profile women.

That’s my top five.  Have a great week ahead. 

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