Talking Points Ep 22, 2022 – High Expectations | Two Stupidities |Bubble Bursts | Putrid Crypto | Julie Who?

The  energy crisis, inflation and  rising interest rates have all dominated the headlines this week.

Amongst the grist,  five small business & finance headlines captured and held my attention.

What’s engaged you?

High Expectations

Reserve Bank governor, Philip Low, says he expects inflation to hit 7% by the end of the year and while flagging higher interest rates to bring it under control talks up the Australian Economy.

Two Stupidities

On the other side of the fence, Alan Kohler argues there are two stupidities behind our inflation which higher interest rates can’t fix.  He says the Reserve Bank could make our cost of living crisis  worse.

Bubble Bursts

Looming inflation, higher interest rates and a melt down in the markets was obvious to anyone with their eyes open writes  Michelle Celarier, in New York Magazine. She documents 5 super obvious signs of disaster that we all missed.

Putrid Crypto

If you are considering an escape to Crypto Currencies, forget it. The story of crypto lender Celsius Network reminds The New Daily’s Michael Pascoe of a Ponzi scheme he investigated some years ago.

Julie Who?

Finally, Smart Company offers up a short profile of the new small business minister, Julie Collins.  It’s not an entirely  flattering read and raises questions about the new government’s commitment to the sector.

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