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Trade Finance in Brisbane gives you access to suppliers at home around the globe. It is a secured working capital solution enabling you to pay suppliers when they require, without using your own capital. If Importing. you can have your goods landed, delivered, re-packaged or modified and on-sold before having to come up with the purchase costs. The facility is an off-balance sheet, revolving credit line giving you the option of extending your payment terms out to 150 days. The facility allows you to keep up with your customers’ orders without any interruption caused by poor cash flow. It gives you the confidence to plan ahead, manage your resources more effectively and grow your business. It’s a way to make sure you never lose an opportunity because you are short of working capital. When you combine Trade Finance with Invoice Finance you fund both ends of a transaction and really turbo charge your cash flow.

Case Study: Manufacturer - $300,000 Facility

The Challenge

The client imports sound reducing textiles and the business was poised for major growth.

The challenge was a cash flow gap caused by suppliers demanded payment before shipment.

The client’s bank wouldn’t help because of lack of acceptable security..

The Solution

They were set up with a trade finance facility using unencumbered assets owned by the director.

This gave the client an initial limit of $200,000 allowing the business to meet the orders.

The 150 day repayment terms ensured the client had time to collect payments from its customers beforehand.

The Result

Within six months the facility limit was increased by $100,000.

The facility gives the client all the cash it needs to import the goods.

That means the client can take new orders well ahead of the delivery dates

Trade Finance Offers Smooth Sailing


You’ve made the sale. Your customer orders goods for delivery in a month. But, what if your supplier wants a sizeable deposit and the balance before the goods leave the factory? It becomes more complicated if your supplier is overseas.

So, here’s how we can help.  If your business is solid we can quickly and simply approve a revolving line of credit which provides you with the funds to pay the deposit and the balance when it’s required

You have up to six months to return the payment plus fees, but by then your customer has paid for the goods, you have made your profit and the capital is back in the account to be used for the next opportunity.

The good thing is that you only pay fees on drawn funds.

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